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Saison 2023-2024


From CAD 379.00

Prestige Lockers

Mont Blanc's brand new 24'' X 24'' Prestige lockers are more than twice as big!
Located in the new and renovated locker room at the mountain's base, you will be as close as can be to the lifts.
From CAD 379.00


My Locker number is not present
It is possible that the locker has already been reserved by somebody else. It may is not available for the upcoming season.

What is the General Locker number?
General is for when you do not have a preferance in locker number.
A Locker number will be assigned and communicated to you at the start of the season.

Why do I only see General Locker number?
It is possible that all available Lockers for the desired size have been reserved. If that is the case, you may have to reserve another Locker size.

Do I need to purchase a padlock to secure my Locker?
Yes. Mont Blanc does not provide nor sell padlocks.

When can I bring my equipement into my Locker?
Lockers are available to all on their first day on the slopes.
Lockers must be cleared out at the end of the season by April 30th.

For all other questions, please contact with us at:
From CAD 379.00